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The IT hardware training for computer, peripheral equipment and network.

    This processing hardware training of YBET Informatique in Pin (Belgium) is taken again Technicians PC / networks course with the IFPME of Libramont (Center of formation of the middle class). These studies in progress of the evening over 2 years technician job in data processing, administrator networks.... The other courses take again the administration (Windows, Linux...), safety...

The hardware training (80 hours on the whole) takes again all the material and electronic parts of IT. The purpose of this site is to study the whole of the techniques of installation, breakdown service and maintenance of computer equipment, the old  like the new. "To try to see whether it goes" is conceived for a lit amateur, not for a professional technician. IT equipment evolves/moves very quickly. In fact, the formation is regularly updated. To be prevented updates of these courses, in the event of errors or desire for sharing your solutions, you can use technical Forum

To in no case, IT site YBET does not speak about performances, benchmark... For the comparative ones... see more specialized sites. For my part, I know by experiment that a simple modification in the parameter setting of the BIOS can easily make gain a few % and... to make lose a few % of reliability.

The Hardware 1 course of first year gathers computer equipment: architecture PC (processor, memory, chipset, graphics card, sound board, hard disk, CD-Rom reader, engraver, DVD...) and the peripherals (printer, scanner, screen...). This formation makes it possible to ensure the installation and the repair of office computer equipment, to work as technician in a data-processing store.

The Hardware 2 course of second year was to take again the hardware of the PC and peripherals (the continuation of first year). Nevertheless, the first year part seems to me sufficiently complete to be allowed to analyze in second year of technologies more in glance with knowledge of the listeners. The hardware 2 training takes again the hidden part of a network (HUB, switch, routers, Ethernet...), servers (RAID, multiprocessors, SCSI...), wiring, connections Internet and safety. This hardware training will give an excellent approach of the installation and maintenance of a material corporate network. In the "oral" part, technological developments PC and peripherals nevertheless are included.

Operating course: for technician will see Windows (personals computer and servers). 

Using hardware training note is entirely free for a no-commercial use. On the other hand, you can use it for your own training or documentation or for your own courses: a mention towards the page used would be SYMPATHETIC NERVE. The copy of these pages directly towards another site without preliminary authorizations of the authors is strictly prohibited. Even this training is free, you can contact me for questions about the matter, errors correction, share your knowledge via the technicians PC/network forum.

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