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Cours informatique hardware: PC et périphériques informatiques
YBET Hardware Training A question?  

The hardware course first: Computer and IT peripherals.

1. Introduction

The IT hardware course of first year (60 hours) of the technician PC/network training given to the IFPME of Libramont (Belgium). It takes again the technology of office computer equipment. The continuation will take again server PC, communication and network.

IT is cut out in four parts:

. Hardware takes again all computer equipment: PC, peripherals, infrastructure network...

. Software takes again the software and users applications

. Operating systems (Operating System or OS) is used as interface between programs and user on the one hand and hardware on the other hand. One finds all the panoply of Windows de Microsoft, but also Mac OS, Unix (which includes/understands in particular Linux), but also systems owners (clean with a mark) for the host computers of type Main Frames.

. Firmware which takes again all the programming of the electronic circuits, generally out of assembler.

This course takes again only the material part and firmware of IT. The operating systems and the maintenance of the programs are reserved for other courses.

The IT hardware is not the easiest matter of this computer technician training.

The hardware is often hidden for users. Publicities are satisfied to give the speed and the type of processor, the hard disk and storage capacity, "forgetting" the internal design features. With share for the processors, the evolution is not often indexed in the IT reviews. This is explained by the number and diversities of the daily exits of materials.

Secondly, the breakdowns hardware (and IT default in general) often do not have direct causes for purpose. The same symptom of breakdown can be caused by a multitude of reason, including software problems (think Microsoft). Our purpose is to determine the causes and .. repair.

Thirdly, the evolution also comes from the operating systems and the recognized material.

The purpose of this hardware course of first year is multiple:

In short, to make known basic to repair old and current machines and especially to allow each one to be able to evolve/move. Computer hardware is a demanding trade where the handing-over in question of its knowledge must be perpetual.

This technician PC course is updated regularly according to the evolution of technology. To be prevented updates, use the it forum

The network equipment course of second year

Let us take again practical knowledge of the hardware course, supplement by the problems specific to the operating systems... and make so that furbished Microsoft combined with an imaginative and pointed technology function.

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