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The Hardware course second: server, network and communication

1. Introduction

The hardware course of first year took again the office computers, notebook and current material. Even if we speak again about it throughout these 20 hours of course, the matter of second is centered towards the maintenance and the installation of the networks equipments, in short of the data-processing work of technician of company

The hardware technician PC/network course takes again the networks (wiring, servers, hub and switch, routers, Ethernet, safety...), various equipments of communication, technologies servers (SCSI, RAID...).

In the other Technician PC/network courses, the lan are analyzed at the software level: management, administration, protection... the approach of this networking training is not software, but material: that the network server operating system is Windows, Linux or Novell does not intervene directly in this course. We will analyze here installation and choice of connections equipment. Even if software solutions are approached for comparison, the finality remains the hardware solution. Our work in this course is limited (it is already not so badly) to choice, installation, maintenance, breakdown service and parameter setting of a network installation at the material level. You will require for all the competences acquired in the other data-processing courses for the software parts, even if concepts are provided in this course. 

The IT network part takes again the network adapter, technologies, hub, switch, routers and wiring Ethernet RJ45 and wireless.

The server part takes again all servers specificities: RAID and SCSI hard drives, Safeguard, multi processors MP. It is supplemented by specific storages networks (data storage, NAS and SAN).

High speed connections  (ADSL, rented lines, ATM...) takes again all technologies of connection Internet. It is supplemented by the possibilities of remote connections (firewall, safety, VPN...). This part will enable you to compare the various solutions (software, Linux and hardware) with their defects and advantages. A solution is never perfect.

Electric protections takes again the equipments of protections against all the disturbances of the electrical supply network (UPS).

Other chapters treat future or specific technology.

The hardware course first (computers and peripherals).

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