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ADSL splitter

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A. How to install an ADSL splitter

ADSL INTERNET connection, you must install filters (splitter) on all phone jacks (same no connected). This ADSL filter will disassociate the normal telephone signal of the digital signal. If the splitter is not installed correctly, a phone call is disturbed by a strong stray signal (from ADSL) and ADSL communication is disrupted (Internet disconnection).

Filters adsl installation diagrams:

A1. 1 telephone catch, 1 ADSL splitter

First case, one only phone outlet in the building, the ADSL filter is positioned between the wall outlet and the other telephone jacks.

filter ADSL, only one catch = 1 only filter

A2. Several mural telephone catches, 1 ADSL splitter by outlet

Second case, two (or more) outlet on the same phone line only on wall outlet: a filter ADSL initially on each.

two telephone catches, 2 filters ADSL

A3. Telephone installation with extensions

Third and fourth cases, two or more telephone jacks, but using extension cords. The scheme is slightly modified depending on the position of the modem and the ADSL router

1 mural telephonic catch with 
lengthening-piece, 1 only filter ADSL

A4. ADSL with ISDN connection, VDSL

Fifth case, use of an ISDN line. (The) line telephone (s) arrives the provider via a specific box that brings up 2 telephone lines via a single telephone pair. This requires a special ADSL (not a single specialty Jack) filter and a (usually top of range of type connection RJ45) compatible ADSL modem (annex B). As a reminder, each telephone line ISDN box includes 2 outputs: 1 line analog and 1 digital ISDN (for phone and modem ISDN) line.

filter ADSL on line ISDN

A5. A general ADSL splitter

It is also possible to ask Belgacom (Belgium) or France Telecom to place a special adsl splitter at the entry of the telephone connection which filters for the whole of the telephone catches. It is in particular obligatory if you use a telephone exchange or an alarm of protection of the building with recall in the event of alarm with an external telephone number.

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